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MRPC CO2 Matrix Recirculator Packages are completely assembled by a factory-trained workforce dedicatd to building quality refrigerantion products. All packages, vessels, and piping are fabricated from ASME Code materials by certified welders. The packages are assembled in a controlled factory environment to the industry’s highest quality standards. The finished pacakge is designed for long-life, simplified installation, and easy access to perform routine maintenance functions.

RVS’ MRPC CO2 Matrix Recirculator Package utilizes the highest quality and most advanced components available in the industry and features the Matrix II Microprocessor™ Control Panel. The Matrix II has been engineered by RVS to provide total recirculator control  including liquid feed and level control, pump protection, pump bearing wear monitoring, and RVS’s patented pump bypass flow control.

The MRPC CO2 Recirculator Package with Matrix II is state of the art and backed by an industry exclusive and comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Standard cataloged models range in capacity from 89.6 to 1925 tons of refrigeration for CO2 depending on vertical or horizontal vessel orientation, evaporator temperature, and liquid supply temperature. Surge volumes of 6.9 to 193.3 cubic feet depending on vessel orientation. Pumped liquid maximum flow rates of 60 to 350 gpm based on 60 PSID nominal head pressure. Optional factory assembled, single liquid feed assemblies range in capacity from 38 to 575 tons of refrigeration for CO2 depending on evaporator temperature, valve train line sizing, and +20oF liquid feed temperature.

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Matrix II Microprocessor™ Control Panel
  • Faster processing speed and color HMI touch screen display
  • Control and protection for up to six (6) pumps plus a transfer pump
  • Integrated pump bearing wear monitor on the display screen with safety cutouts and alarms
  • Patented pump bypass flow control
  • Pump differential pressure and current monitoring with safety cutouts and alarms
  • Automatic operation of pumps and proportional liquid feed or solenoids valves
  • Digital liquid level display on screen and high/low level monitoring with safety cutouts and alarms
  • External communication and remote monitoring
  • Factory wired, packaged, and tested – simple, ready to go installation with single point power connection. See RVS Bulletin 590 for more information on Matrix II.
Patented Pump Bypass Flow Control
(U.S. Patent No. 7,437,880)
  • Matrix II monitors pump flow and opens bypass only when necessary due to low flow conditions
  • Eliminates the need to size the pump for continuous bypass flow
  • More efficient operation requiring smaller, lower horsepower pumps
  • Lifetime energy cost reduction over other manufacturers
Standard Vessel Design
  • ASME, 600 psig, recirculator vessel
  • National Board registration
  • Stainless steel nameplate bracket and standoff to prevent corrosion
  • Vertical or horizontal vessel configuration in 24” to 84” outside diameter range
  • Internally routed minimum bypass flow, motor cooling, and oil pot vent reduces insulation cost and potential for shipping damage
Liquid Level Column
  • Level indicating column with isolation valves, level eyes, frost shields, flanges, and drain
  • Coax Cable type, electronic level probe as standard
  • High level shutdown float switch for compressor protection
Proportional Liquid Feed Assembly (Optional)
  • Modulating valve minimizes pressure surges and protects pumps from cavitation
  • Backup solenoid valve provides positive shutoff in the event of a power failure
  • Can configured as a single or dual liquid feed assembly
Teikoku Pumps
  • World’s largest manufacturer of hermetic pumps
  • Exclusive bearing wear monitor at the pump and on the Matrix II display screen
  • Secondary containment system eliminates leaks to atmosphere
  • Low NPSH with capacities from 60-350 gpm in 460 or 575 volt service
  • Motor cooling and individual minimum flow bypass lines piped internal to the main vessel
Oil Pot
  • Standard model – no oil recovery for brine system
  • Oil pot with heater – ASME, 600 psig
  • Oil rectifier system
  • Vessel hydrostatically or pneumatically pressure tested
  • Factory package piping welded and tested in accordance with ASME B31.5
  • Surface prepped to SSPC-SP6 and painted with high quality two component, high solids epoxy coating
  • Entire assembly is evacuated to eliminate moisture and shipped with 15 psi dry nitrogen charge
  • Exclusive and comprehensive 3-year warranty when equipped with the Matrix II Control Panel


  • Larger vessel diameters
  • Corrosion allowance on vessel shell and heads, and/or nozzles
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • SA333 Grade 6 Low temperature or stainless steel pipe
  • Non-destructive examination of pipe welds
  • Seismic design calculations
  • Electromechanical control panel with starters and disconnects
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