Industrial Refrigeration

Proven performance, and fully customizable solutions

EVAPCO industrial refrigeration solutions have a proven record of performance for all types of applications in the industrial refrigeration industry. Extensive research and development, coupled with EVAPCO’s product application experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, have made EVAPCO a leader in the supply of industrial refrigeration equipment.

From highly efficient evaporative condensers, to low refrigerant charge evaporators and the ready-to-go Evapcold all in one package, EVAPCO has a solution for any industrial refrigeration need. AHRI certified™ evaporators ensure guaranteed performance for any application.

CPA units, evaporators, and RVS pressure vessels can all be easily customized to suit any work environment. EVAPCO offers engineering expertise to design and build virtually any type of non-catalogued custom coil, special unit or package. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss your custom application requirements.